Furries protest the CDA

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22 Feb 96, tigerwolf@tigerden.com, Dayton, OH USA

An index by Steve Moyer of Executive Summaries of 24-Hours of Democracy pages judged by him as especially noteworthy. (And, yes, ours is there! Yea!)

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the political cartoon has been a bastion of biting comment since the earliest days of the printing press. Within any community on the net where First Amendment rights are valued, passions aginst the CDA run high. So it is within the community of furries. This page provides a sampling of drawings and cartoons about the CDA submitted by various furry fans and artists. More will be posted as they arrive.

Have a look and enjoy. Think a bit about what you see.
Click on the image or title for the full size picture.

  • What's a furry? For those of you who haven't a clue, a short poem might explain a bit.

  • If you'd like to submit a cartoon check the submission guidelines for instructions.

    =^_^= Virtual Vicky's victory 640 x 480 color jpg 78879 bytes - Rick Hallock
    More of Vicky can be found at Virtual Vicky's Treehouse

    =^_^= Easter2 500x 375 color jpg 29309 bytes - Herman Miller

    Additional explaination of this picture may be found on Herman's own page at http://www.io.com/~hmiller/FreeTheEasterBunny.html

    =^_^= History Repeats 832 x 1020 b/w gif 25004 bytes - Foxxfire

    =^_^= No Bares Allowed 446x448 color gif 36016 bytes - Dr. Sev

    =^_^= Live from the White House: Kassandra Cerise Reporting
    500x550 color gif 31597 bytes - Pablo Romero Ordenana

    =^_^= Keith and Kassandra Suffer the Consequences of the CDA
    600x819 b/w gif 27518 bytes - Pablo Romero Ordenana

    Ordinarily, the pictures will stand on their own, but this one deserves a special note. It was drawn and submitted by a 16-year old native of Ecuador, South America. Not only does it show that age isn't always an indicator of maturity, but it also shows that those in other countries often understand America's founding principles better than our own legislators.

    In addition to his art, Pablo has put his feelings into words. He has written a song, CDA IS a serious, and thought provoking parody of Enya's "Anywhere Is". I felt it worthy of inclusion here.

    =^_^= Community Standards
    647x479 color gif 33729 bytes - May Wasserman

    =^_^= B & D 611x501 b/w gif 13121 bytes - May Wasserman

    =^_^= Furry Liberty
    576x726 color gif 25008 bytes - M. Mitchell Marmell aka Major Matt Mason.

    =^_^= No Law 745x486 b/w gif 13113 bytes - May Wasserman

    =^_^= DSDP TV Commercial Not really just a cartoon, but... :)

    =^_^= gt-cda.gif 478x530 color gif 21628 bytes - Steekman

    =^_^= dux-vem.gif 959x659 b/w gif 17412 bytes - Learfox

    =^_^= pr2bin.gif 769x612 b/w gif 22508 bytes - Learfox

    =^_^= pr2port.jpg 581x307 color jpg 33710 bytes - Learfox

    =^_^= Mice Confront Exon 480x375 color jpg 37088 bytes - Herman Miller

    Keywords: Furry, CDA, Protest, Cartoons, Furries, Humor, Satire, Communications Decency Act
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