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What is Tigerden.com

Tigerden is a small, private Internet Service Provider located in Dayton, Ohio USA. We are Dayton's oldest ISP, the domain being registered on 27 October 93, and coming online full-time in January of 1994.

Tigerden caters primarily to the worldwide furry community offering shell accounts, e-mail, USENET newsgroup access, World Wide Web pages, TinyFugue mud client, and typical unix system features.

We host TigerMUCK, a roleplaying, social interaction virtual reality world populated by furries.

We also assist the Essential Link to Vital Internet Services (E.L.V.I.S.) group which provides internet terminals and connections for conferences and other gatherings.

Tigerden's Hardware

Dialup Services

Telnet and Remote Login Services

FTP Services

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Other Hosting Services

Convention Internet Den Services

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PUBLIC NOTICE: Use of Tigerden computer and network facilities for the purpose of transmitting unsolicited commercial advertising electronic mail to any user or account on or through Tigerden machines is expressly PROHIBITED.

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